The Secret to Finding the Passion in Your Life and Career 如何在生活和工作中拥有干劲

Answer by Oliver Emberton

Rule 1: Passion comes from success 干劲来源于成功

Rule 2: Childhood is where passion goes to die 干劲在童年中被消磨

Rule 3: Passion can be created 干劲能被创造出来

Option 1: Create something 创造一些新东西出来

Option 2: Lead a new trend 引领新潮流

Option 3: Fuse mediocrity 融合平常的点创造不同

Why passion matters 为何拥有干劲很重要


If you haven’t found your passion yet, create new things, lead new trends, and fuse new combinations. But don’t ever stop looking